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About Field Kitchens, Inc.

Established in 1985, Field Kitchens, Inc. started as a high-volume, high-quality caterer. We are based in Port St Lucie, Florida. Our business was initially established to serve Palm Beach and the surrounding South Florida communities with complete turnkey event services. With the arrival of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, part of our focus shifted to become a disaster support service for affected local communities and Florida Power and Light.

Emergency Support Service Provider

We have established ourselves as a full-service first responder emergency support service provider in several states. Our company now offers complete turnkey logistical management providing procurement of supplies, as well as maintenance, coordination, management and execution of complete base camp sites. Our past experience has taken us to Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and throughout the state of Florida, from Pensacola East to Merritt Island and Southern Miami.

Emergency Response Team Service Car

Having more than 75 years of combined talent, expertise, and skill in the production of event services, Field Kitchens, Inc. is capable of mobilizing a disaster support team wherever and whenever it is needed. Over the years, our company has developed a network of national companies that are able to mobilize quickly to areas affected by disasters and establish emergency support services for our clients within 24 hours of the first call for support.

Past Experience

We have a proven record of meeting customers' needs. Our past experience includes:

1992: Hurricane Andrew — In Miami for 90 days with tents and food service. Over 1.2 million meals served.

1997: Hurricane George — Two days in Largo, Florida, with 17,000 meals served.

1999: Hurricanes Eileen and Floyd in Palm Beach and Daytona Beach, Florida — Provided tents and food service for 14 days, and served 76,000 meals.

2004: Hurricane Charlie — Serviced multiple sites throughout Florida, including:

• Punta Gorda (Charlotte County Airport)
• Fort Myers
• Sarasota
• Merritt Island
• Titusville
• Daytona Beach

2004: Hurricane Frances — Multiple sites in Palm Beach, Okeechobee, and Martin Counties of Florida.

2004: Hurricane Jeanne — Multiple sites in Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, and Boca Raton. Large sleeping camps and staging areas. 1.3 million meals served over 52 days. Sleeping tent capacity of 2,000 beds.

2005: Hurricane Katrina — Multiple sites located throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Multiple sites in Louisiana and Mississippi, including 1,000-person camps at both Vancleave and Gulfport, Mississippi.

2005: Hurricane Wilma — Palm Beach and Broward County.

2005: Hurricane Rita — Beaumont, Texas. 800-person camp in Lumberton, Texas.

2008: Hurricane Ike — 2,000-person camp in Beaumont, Texas.

2010: BP Oil Spill —Various Sites in Orange Beach, Alabama

2016: Hurricane Matthew — St. Augustine and Putnam County Florida

2017: Hurricane Irma — Hialeah and Key West Florida

2018: Hurricane Michael —Marianna Florida 

2021: Hurricane Ida —Baton Rouge Louisiana

2022: Hurricane Ian —Florida West Coast

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